Written by The Dead Revolutionaries Club   
Friday, 10 April 2009 18:42


The Dead Revolutionaries Club herewith announces its participation in the Alytus Art Strike Biennial in August. We will plan, conceptualize, develop and organize a chapter of the AASB from a location here in Johannesburg which is unknown. We are going to present the total absence of artistic production for five days. Each day we will write a report about the absence of documentation, affirmation, and materialization. Thus only handing over to you our immediate stream of thoughts in written form, but not as text. These reports will not be transparent, explainable or translatable but totally immediate and local, radically self-centered and intransigent. At the same time we will not enter any commitment to deliver anything, and while silence is a delivery already we will refuse to announce neither a silence nor a noise, neither a structure nor anything else. Even this announcement is unsubstantial. At the same time you will need to take what you will get.

So, even if you think about it or not, you cannot keep us from doing it and delivering it, because it will happen unnoticed. And as we already know, Alytus has streets which were not cartographed previoulsy. We will find our way into these zones of silence, into a territory where nobody has set foot before. Maybe at the spot which is the centre of Europe, maybe not. Anyways, we will go directly to this unmapped territory and squat it.


Fouad Asfour