First Resolution Concerning an Art Strike in Opposition to the Declaration of Vilnius as the 2009 EU City of Culture Print
Written by Karen Eliot   
Sunday, 21 December 2008 16:05

1.     Be it resolved that the meeting of international artists at the Art School in Alytus, Lithuania from June 27-29 constituted the impromptu creation of the Art Strike Action Committee, Alytus Chapter  (hereafter ASAC-Alytus).

2.     Because it is clear that the conditions that lead to the calling for an Art Strike in 1989 in the UK and the US differ significantly from those in Lithuania and other new EU member states today, it does not logically follow that an Art Strike is a useful response to the bureaucratic initiative known as the EU City of Culture.

The goals of the former Art Strike 1990-1993 were purposely specific-sounding, though in practice vague, in an effort to launch a wide-ranging critique of the "mental set" of the then-existing art world. On the other hand, the Alytus proposal has a more precisely aimed target in mind: that of somehow opposing the model of the biennial as a venue for artistic practice in general; and to question and perhaps somehow subvert the EU initiative that nominates Vilnius as their 2009 City of Culture. To that end, I propose some alternate names to better reflect the meaning of the Alytus group's future activities.

    a.     The Society for the Prevention of Meaningless Biennial Exhibitions
    b.    The Committee for the Elimination of the Category of Art from Human Culture
    c.    The Interesting Actions Brigade
    d.    The Bureaucratic Cultural Initiatives Criticism Group
    e.    others to be made up by yourself.
    The name should be chosen carefully, so that when originated or translated into Lithuanian, it has a mellifluous and pleasing action in the mouth upon being pronounced. Bonus points if it has a twisted sense of humor.

3.     Therefore, be it resolved that the ASAC-Alytus is hereby dissolved, to be replaced by a joint cultural initiatives lead by Lithuanian artists and other interested persons, to be named as suggested above, or by better suggestions should they arise, at some point in the very near future.

Signed, Karen Elliot
Prague, 29 June 2008